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Fleetix Features
For online work
A lot of companies need to track their vehicles on online mode. They are from different industries - public transport, emergency services, agricultural companies, taxi, delivery services and many others. It depends on business-processes and operational management in company. We have cases when our customers install several big displays in their office to track the location and status of their vehicles on online mode. For such companies we developed flexible monitoring module where they can configure interface as they need to receive the maximum result
Online location
See all your vehicles in one time on the map in online mode. Location data is refreshing about 1 time in a minute, depending on the configuration of equipment and Fleetix interface. You can see and analyze the status of your vehicles in every received position - current speed or parking duration, level of GSM and satellites, external and built-in battery power, connection with server. All these data shows the status in the grid of objects and clicking to a vehicle marker on the map. Use filters and special tags to find needed vehicles quickly in the list, set only needed columns to view.
Receive instant notifications on any event on any car and sensor. Flexible settings give every user an opportunity to select needed level of alert and channel of notification, how it will be sent. Notification can be received on mail, Fleetix interface or with PUSH-notification in web browser (accept Safari). You can select informational, warning or alarm status for every notification. You can open location of every notification directly from the list for quick analysis. With this feature you will not miss any irregular situation with your drivers, cars or cargo.
Share the current and history location of the vehicle with your customers via temporary link. They will see where their cargo is and when it will come closer to their location. Just set the time when to start sharing the location and when it will automatically closed.
For analysis
One of the advantages of Fleetix is flexible instruments for analysis of history data. Of course you can view the track on the map, generate any report, display charts for any parameters. You can analyze all history changes of drivers on a vehicle and check all problems or sabotage that could happen in the past time. Fleetix storage keeps all records for 12 months so it is never late to rise the past events and verify data. The most important that high-quality analysis of already finished journeys can help you to plan your job and expenses in future.
Display all needed data for any period of time for detailed analysis. For you convenience you can select presets of periods or use it arbitrary. You can view track with already coloured speed modes for every car, analyse fast table reports, view all selected events and work with detailed charts. In addition you can select what data and events you need to see on physical or satellite map for more productive work.
Generate interactive reports to see how your fleet works: you can select specific car or groups of them to see the report and to analyze data: several templates of reports will show you the whole situation of your vehicles: mileage, speed, period of stops, start and finish of the working day, fuel consumption, geofencing and many others. For every event you can display the map with it in Fleetix interface or can download in .pdf or .xlsx format for further work. And one more great feature - you can create schedule of automatic reports which can be sent on any e-mail you want with any period, even without using Fleetix interface every day. Don't waste time for report generation - create a task for Fleetix and get everything automatically.
Take advantage of working with geofencing in Fleetix - create round or square areas in few clicks and analyze how your vehicles move in or between them. If to talk about online mode - of course you can receive instant notifications in case of entering or leaving the area. If to talk about analysis of previous periods, check the mileage inside and outside of them, fuel consumption, stops inside and outside the area, speed modes. Connect geofencing with your vehicles to receive info only on specific events. For public transport - generate routes with the stops and create schedules, that's not something complicated. For every industry - use your best experience to receive maximum from geofencing feature.
Fuel monitoring
Fuel is the biggest cost item when you work with fleet. For optimal fleet management and maximum profit you need to know exactly how much fuel do you spend for every journey, every delivery, every order. With Fleetix you receive the opportunity to control fuel with any available method. You can enter the fuel consumption rate and Fleetix will calculate the consumption according to mileage or engine working hours. This is more suitable for light vehicles where the consumption rate is almost the same. The second way - is to control fuel level and consumption with special additional equipment - fuel level sensor and flow meters. They will give you almost accurate information about the fuel level and consumption, will show you all refillings and drains. This is good solution for trucks and special mechanisms, including tractors, cranes and other. Also we can read and display data about the fuel from the board computer - via connection to CAN of the vehicle. That's the best solution according to simplicity of installation but has error because that's not a measurement system but just an indicator. That's your choice what method of fuel control you will select, but Fleetix can works with all of them so you can receive the maximum benefit.
It doesn't depend how often you work with Fleetix interface - every day, once a week, or once a month. You use our solution for online tracking or for later analysis. We have some special features that will help you to receive more control and more data about your fleet. That can improve you work, give more income and decrease expenses. This functionality can be useful and important for every business with transport, with different benefits but with the same efficiency.
Don't miss to make timely maintenances of your fleet. All you need to start using this functionality - is to enter the starting mileage after the GPS tracker installation and a periods of maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Fleetix will notify you before you need to go to the auto service and then you need just to enter this data to Fleetix to see the whole history for every car.
Eco driving
If you want that your cars will serve you as much as possible - you need to control how your drivers use them. Every speed violation, sharp acceleration, turn and braking is not only a high risk of an accident, but it effects how long your fleet will serve and make money. Follow the recommendations of frequency for every vehicle model and receive full analysis or instant notifications about the violations.
Video surveillance
Great feature for almost every industry - the video surveillance of what's going on the vehicle - inside or outside. In online mode you can connect to stream and check what's going right now with your vehicle, driver or cargo. But the main is mixed data from GPS tracker and video recorder - just select a position on the track and view the video recorded in the selected time. That will significantly secure the journeys of your drivers and cargo.
Fleetix has a powerful tool for administration - manage your cars, drivers and users with easy interface of the admin panel. You can customize access for every user - give him access to any car, module or other object in read-only, edit or full access mode. Or - if needed - just hide everything from him. To understand the whole advantages of Fleetix admin panel - you just need to try and then only enjoy.
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